About Us

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion monitoring for today's world. Equality Monitor was established out of a passion to transform diversity monitoring and bring diversity monitoring questionnaires into the modern day world. It allows organisations to manage a number of diversity surveys at any one point in time. The questions are already set up in a legally compliant way, all you do is decide which areas of diversity you are going to survey. The tool also allows for easy user analysis of statistics with the option to download the raw data or if you prefer, graphical interpretations. The surveys are completed anonymously by the user. And because it is hosted on our servers, we do not collect ip addresses or date and time stamp the survey response. It is untraceable to the person completing it meaning that not only is it legally compliant, ensures there can be no come back on your organisation and it gives the end user confidence to complete it honestly. Giving you credible data achieved with best practice.

Whether you are evangelical about diversity monitoring, or merely complete it because it is a legal or contractual requirement, Equality Monitor is an easy, advanced and cheap method to help you capture EDI data.


Q 1 : I use Survey Monkey - why is this any different?

Ans : Not only do you have to put the questions in yourself, you can easily trace those who have completed the surveys by capturing ip addresses and also from the date and time stamp. Also, because it allows multi-question analysis you could identify characteristics of a particular minority. This not only opens you up to accusations of being able to discriminate, but people are more commonly aware of the issues and so don't complete the forms anonymously.

Q 2 : Can we use your logo on our website to say that we collect data in an ethical and completely anonymous way?

Ans : Provided you use Equality Monitor, then yes, of course you can.

Q 3 : We have to do diversity monitoring for tenders. Will this be able to achieve that?

Ans : Yes. This will give you information that can satisfy your client/customer

Q 4 : I don't know what to do with the information I have?

Ans : Contact us and we can send you a list of approved diversity practitioners

Q 5 : Is the data secure?

Ans : No personal data is collected. Everything is anonymous, so you don't need to worry. Even credit card details are secured away.

Q 6 : I have just received an invitation to complete the survey, what is this?

Ans : A company or organisation has decided to collect diversity data. By using this form they are showing their commitment to that process. The collection is completely anonymous. There is no ip tracking and no date time and stamping of the information.